RCS Performance Systems, Inc.

Instruction and Training

Development of Instructions and Training including custom Web-delivered courses and training devices to support the efficient, safe, and comfortable use of products and equipment.  

RCS offers these services:

  • Development of customer-specific web-delivered or hardcopy training programs for

product or process knowledge
environmental, health and safety
quality control and quality assurance

  • design and construction of mockups and simulators
  • tests and procedures for performance evaluation

Sample of past experience:

  • 15 years of aerospace industry R&D – major projects included
  • instructional system development for the

US Air Force B-1 strategic bomber
US Navy E-2C airborne early warning aircraft
US Navy Lamps SH-60B Mk III antisubmarine helicopter
US Navy/Marines F-4J/N fighter


Some notable past clients:

General Mills
Ford Motor Company
Guardian Industries
General Motors
US Navy
Miller Brewing
Dofasco Steel
Ontario Hydro
Asea Brown Boveri

  • Navy F-18 fighter/attack aircraft
  • US Navy replacement VTXTS trainer aircraft (commercial development)
  • US Air Force Next Generation Trainer (commercial proposal consultant)
  • consultant for the interservice instructional systems development procedures manual
  • US Strategic Air Command procedures for simulator certification
  • Design and sales of the first computer-based training device to employ digitizer tablets for interaction with graphics content
  • Upgraded the digitizer-based training system with sonic digitizers to allow for pseudo-3-D interaction with objects in a 3 ft by 4 ft area
  • Development of hundreds of hours of computer and web-delivered training for heavy manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, high technology  industry and other industrial customers
  • Translation of high technology process training programs into several foreign languages
  • Design and construction of a full-scale maintenance trainer for the computerized rear door of a commercial bus, and a training board for the hydraulic system
  • Design of the training program for the Secure Information Sharing Architecture for the SISA Alliance
  • Platform training to support the delivery of new products


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