RCS Performance Systems, Inc.

System Design and Evaluation

applying human factors research to ensure the efficient, safe, and comfortable use of products and equipment.

RCS offers these services:

  • Task analysis to define the behaviors, information needs, and performance criteria for human activities.
  • Application of human factors to the design of products and equipment.
  • Hazard and safety analyses.
  • Information needs and optimal formats for displays, control panels, and computer screens.
  • Analysis of visual requirements, optical characteristics, and perceptual effects of viewing conditions.
  • Development of manuals for operation and maintenance of products and equipment.
  • Development of safety and instruction labels (according to ANSI Guidelines).
  • Ergonomic and usability evaluation of work stations, tools, products, and equipment.

Sample of past experience:

  • Studies of human perception
  • 15 years of aerospace industry R&D – major projects included

    • aircraft camouflage and visibility
    • driving simulator development
    • long duration, low event driving
    • alcohol interlock device evaluation
    • development of aids to detect chemical agents
    • participant on “blue ribbon” panel to develop a long range human factors research program for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    • development of a handbook for design reviews of new US Navy aircraft
    • consultant to the Navy for the design of the F-18 flight simulator
    • factors that affect eyewitness identification
    • several patent disclosures; one patent awarded for a vision testing device
  • Safety analysis for a new US Air Force generator
  • Contributor to the Human Factors Engineering Guidelines and Preferred Practices for the Design of Medical Devices, ANSI/AAMI HE48-1993, Human Factors Design Process for Medical Devices, ANSI/AAMI HE74:2001, and current revisions
  • Usability studies of commercial products
  • Workload evaluation of an aircraft copilot console upgrade
  • Ergonomic evaluation of work stations for product manufacturers
  • Instructor of Ergonomics, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, and Psychology
  • Committee member for the development of a major simulation facility at SUNY/Buffalo for the study of extreme event mitigation
  • Quality Assurance Observer for the construction of a SUNY/Buffalo research building
  • Design of control panels and monitor displays configurations for medical control system devices
  • Operations and maintenance manuals for commercial products, including the design of safety labels to ANSI standards

Some notable past clients:

US Navy
US Air Force
US Army
US Nuclear Regulatory 
US Dept. of Transportation
Consumer Product
   Safety Commission
General Motors
Bausch & Lomb
Eastman Kodak



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